Types of social media

The first part of the social media plan is to become familiar with the types of social media and various social media features. Based on the definition of social media given in this chapter, search and identify various social media channels. Go beyond the well-known networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. After identifying several digital social channels, explore the features unique to each and use those features to determine social media categories. In other words, what is the main activity on the channel? Why does it exist? Finally, provide examples of how marketers could take advantage of each channel. The best way to learn the most about a social media channel is to open an account and become a user. After exploration report the following:

1. Based on the definition of social media, list five different websites or apps that you feel are social media channels. Explain why each one was chosen.

2. Explore each channel and explain the features, capabilities, and user characteristics of each.

3. Look at each channel’s features, determine the main differences between each, and place the channels into categories such as photo sharing or news aggregation.

4. Explain three ways an organization could use each channel for marketing communication. For a condensed version of the social plan see appendix A: Three-Part Social Plan.


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