Social media plan’s big idea

People love to share knowledge. Look at the major social-bookmarking and social-knowledge channels. What valuable information or partnerships can the brand form? What questions can the organization answer? How does knowledge sharing fit with the social media insight and big idea? Which users of social-bookmarking and knowledge channels match most closely with the target audience? Also take an in-depth look at podcasts. Is there an opportunity to start a brand podcast or partner with an existing program? Is the target audience actively listening to podcasts and looking for the type of insight and information the brand can deliver? Report all findings and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify the major social-bookmarking and knowledge-sharing sites where the target audience is active.

2. Describe the type of activity and content that is popular on each, and list the type of content the brand could provide that matches the social media plan’s big idea.

3. Find the top podcasts to which the target audience is listening, and on which platform they are most active.

4. List and explain possible new podcast shows the brand could create or current shows the brand could contribute to and sponsor.


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