Dual-packaging promotions

Consumer environmental consciousness has begun to drive brands to consider multi-purpose packaging to help make the brand more appealing. The ideal situation is to get a second use out of containers, bottles, and jars. In 2014, coffee brand Nescafé ran a promotion that focused on this aspect and at the same time sought to fit in with consumers’ daily rituals and a guaranteed time they would be drinking coffee. They released a limited-edition 3D printed alarm clock cap; the coffee jar had to be opened in order to turn off the alarm. Water brand Vittel tried something very similar by launching a promotion featuring a dual-purpose packaging bottle with a refresh cap. The cap was, in effect, a timer and would sound every hour to remind consumers that they should drink water more regularly. Brands are constantly pushing packaging forward with new technology. The brands need to balance the advantages of changing the packaging with the costs associated with making those changes.

Investigate local examples of dual-packaging promotions.

How did the promotion work, and was it successful?


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