Debugging Program

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Part 1

Test and Debug Program Using a Simple Database
Testing and debugging

Explore the different terms and processes for Java and NetBeans.

a) Define testing a program
b) Define debugging a program
c) How to test a program
d) How to debug a program

Step 2: Program by debugging

Read the following: Debugging Program
a) Execute a single statement at a time
b) Trace into or step over a method
c) Set breakpoints
d) Display variables
e) Displaying call stacks
f) Modifying variables
g) Use Eclipse to debug a Java program containing errors

Java Database Programming

Read the following: An Introduction to Java Database (JDBC) Programming and take notes on how to create a database program. Follow the instructions and install SQL.

a) Create a simple relational database using SQL
b) Query the relational database using SQL
c) Understand Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API interface and classes for developing Java database applications
d) Learn how to load a driver, connect to a database, execute statements, and process results set using JDBC
e) Learn the steps a Java program takes to access a database


What is the difference between testing and debugging? Which one can be used to correct logical errors, run time errors, and syntax errors? Use at least two library resources. Your response should be APA style between 300-500 words.

Part 2

Focus on Assessment
1) Work individually or in groups to create a simple database using MySQL and query the database using the simple query, for example, the SELECT query.
2) Work individually or in groups to load MySQL JDBC driver (can be downloaded from the web), create a connection object to connect to the MYSQL database created in (2) using the getConnection() static method from the DriverManager Java Class and the MYSQL JDBC URL to pass as a parameter to the method.
3) Students work individually or in groups to create a Statement object and then create Statement() method to create statements for executing SQL statements, execute statements using execute Update() and execute Query() methods, and process the result of the query stored in ResultSet
Work individually to create a simple database using MySQL, and then use the JDBC API classes and methods to connect to the database and execute simple statements. Submit your assignment here.


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