Budget constraints

You use the Tennis Volunteer Case document to answer the following questions:

Case Study Questions

Please answer each of these questions with at least 1-2 paragraphs using specific data and examples from the case. Pay particular attention to question 2, and consider the best method to analyze and present a thorough, yet usable volunteer profile.

What are the challenges currently facing the event organizers? What strengths and weaknesses does the organization bring to those challenges?

Using the data in Appendix A create a profile of existing volunteers. What are their demographics? What are their motives? Which demographic and motivational characteristics seem particularly important? Why? How could your analysis enable more effective recruitment and retention of volunteers?

Consider the event’s relationships to local charities. Can those relationships be leveraged to enhance volunteer recruitment and/or retention? Explain.

Within the budget constraints, what might be done to obtain more volunteers? Could your profile from Question 2 help? How?

Could a more diverse pool of volunteers be obtained? How? What would be the advantage? Do you envision any disadvantages?



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