Lifeboat theory

Is the lifeboat theory the most effective method in solving the crisis of overwhelming demand, particularly in the case of an overcrowded classroom?

you must refer it to either united states V. Holmes or Lifeboat ethics: the case against the poor. you must quote and cite from your chosen source as support. In-text citations must be in MLA-style; in other words, (last name of author or else “title of work” par #).

INTRO, make sure you briefly summarize one of the sources, providing only relevant details, in order to argue for or against the insistence of sacrificing a few to preserve the many. You might consider how the theory of the “lifeboat” metaphor reflects a view of dealing with limited supply and overwhelming demand.

THESIS OF THE ESSAY, show how the theory would be applied to an overcrowded classroom. The body parts of essay will, therefore, be supporting your thesis: Is this a good theory of keeping the class size small? Might there be other methods of accommodating the demand, which may or may not be more effective in terms of the quality of learning and accommodations?

Conclusion, consider whether such a theory is the best method to control demand in classroom success. Or might there be another method (such as online learning) to better accommodate the supply-demand problem in classrooms?


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