Beliefs and values

Attitudes, skills, values, and knowledge

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This is an important unit as we examine the mindset of the Human Services Professional. To succeed in this field, one must be clear as to the nature of the relationship with a consumer or client. The blurring of professional boundaries is a problem for some beginner workers and this leads to harming the consumer, disciplinary action against the employee, or termination of employment. The textbook outlines some of the differences in Professional Helping Relationships compared to Social Friendships. Make certain you are familiar with the differences and ask questions if you’re uncertain. With understanding these professional boundaries, there are critical concepts to discuss. Please include the following in your posts and discussion for this unit.

First Part:

1. What is the client’s right to self-determination?

2. Can you think of a time when your own beliefs and values may make it difficult to maintain your professional role and not intrude on the client’s right to self-determination? How may you handle it?

Second Part:

1. What is your position on the use of self-disclosure by the human services worker?

2. In what ways may it help the client?

3. In what ways may it harm the client?

The prevailing opinion in the profession is that self-disclosure should be used sparingly and only when the worker is certain that there will be a benefit to the client and no harm to the client.


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