Structure, Culture and Change

Read the case “Tony Hsieh at Zappos: Structure, Culture and Change” from the HBS package “EMG 502 Spring 2021” Also read the Slideshare presentation “Basics of Holacracy”
and Tony Hsieh’s interview zappos/. Answer the following questions (5-8 PowerPoints):
• What is Zappos known for? What has made Zappos successful? Would you want to work at a place like
Zappos. Why/why not? Would you invest in a company like Zappos? Why/why not?
• What is Holocracy? How does Holocracy work? What are the pros and cons of Holocracy versus more
traditional structures?
• What do you think about Tony Hsieh as a leader? As a boss?
• Why do you think Tony Hsieh made the change to Holocracy? • What do you think this process feels like as an employee?
• What do you make of the fact that 14% of the employees left the company? Were these departures good or
bad for the company?
• What is your takeaway about the relationship between structure, culture, leadership and change


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