Product and Service design

Design of Products and Services is cardinal function of Global Operations Management as it aims at satisfying the Customer or Market requirements from the available Operations resources or organisation capabilities. Elucidate the following with the above in mind ;
(a)Through Eight (8) headings of functional interactions, explain what Product and Services Design does and identify and briefly describe Six (6) reasons for Product and Service design or redesign [5 Marks]
(b) State and briefly describe Six (6) main + Other Designs Considerations you would take into account when dealing with Product and Service design or redesign for Global Operations [10 Marks]
(c) List and briefly describe the Eight (8) phases of Product design and Development and name and briefly define Three (3) Techniques that are mainly used and have greater applicability in the of products design than the design of services. In Eight (8) distinguishing characteristics, demonstrate the salient differences between Product design and Service design


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