Total Quality Management (TQM)

Quality is one of the most important performance objectives for most Global Operations Organisations:
(a) Quality is believed to have elvolved from Japan, yet its origins are in the United States of America (USA). Please explain such a phenomenon by also highlighting at least Six (6) Quality Gurus that are behind the development of Quality Management [10 Marks]
(b) Total Quality Management (TQM) is anchored on Three (3) principles, what are they? and what are their main features that aim at having TQM succeed in Global Operation Ognisations?. Describe the EFQM Exellence Model and state at least Four (4) Quality awards that incentivize Quality compliance in Global Operation Organisations [10 Marks]
(c) State, define and describe, Two (2) quality evaluation wheel models, Quality cycles and the ISO 9000 quality approach for Global Operations. [5 Marks]


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