Hiring process

Clearwater Electronics’ HR recruiters have been asked to participate in a portion of the HR planning review. Their contribution will cover recruiting needs in relation to the factors that affect recruiting and the changes they have seen in the workforce. Why is it a good idea for the HR plan to consider changes recruiters have seen in the company’s workforce?
HR planning needs to consider changes in the external environment—such as fewer young workers, different job skills, and advances in technology—and how these changes shape the workforce.
HR planning needs to rely on the expertise of the recruiters in order to determine what resources to invest in the recruitment process.
HR planning needs to be aware of the opinions of the recruiters. If recruiters feel they are not valued, they can quickly sabotage the hiring process, which will affect the whole company.
HR planning needs to consider how recruiters affect the selection process and the applicant pool to ensure that positions are filled with the best candidates.


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