Building blocks for complex and tremendous protein

1.Give a detailed analysis of the macromolecules responsible for the formation of small repeating units
2.what polyhydroxy compounds are formed from proteins?
3.How comes some of the protein structures are complex and others are not?
4.what facts do you have regarding the relationship of solubility of amylase and water?
5.state and describe the building blocks for complex and tremendous protein molecules in their molecular format
6.explain the types of bonds protruding from the Nucleic acids are chains of 5-carbon sugars linkage
7.explain the store of animals macromolecules
8. what type of bond would join two amino acid subunits to form macromolecules of any kind macromolecules concept,what two types of reactions are susceptible to producing joints of subunits
10.which C-H bonds are likely to give rise to the same number of carbon atoms as biophysically recognized
11. Macromolecules like Enzymes, vitamins and hormones can be classified into a single category of biological chemicals. Why?
12. Lipids are insoluble in water because of which?
13. Cellulose is the most important constituent of plant cell wall. What are its constituents?
14. Enumerate and give a brief explanation of all polysaccharides?
15. What are the most diverse macromolecules in the cell
16. What could be the type of macromolecule carried out catalysis in biological systems?
17. Dehydration and hydrolysis reactions involve removing or adding which component to macromolecule subunits?
18.what is an example of a known disaccharide?
19. What type of macromolecule carries out catalysis in biological systems?
20. What happens when a macromolecule undergoes hydrolysis reaction?


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