Cultural business practices

I’m a procurement manager working on training a new sourcing analyst. As part of their training, they will be traveling with me to meet with new and existing suppliers for specialized parts that the company needs. This will allow my colleague first-hand experience and help them develop relationships with the business professionals they will be working with in the future.
I need to make sure that they are familiar with cultural business practices for the places I will be visiting so that existing business relationships remain strong and new relationships start off well. I have decided to generate a brief guide that includes the cultural considerations they will need to be aware of while doing business.
I need help identifying the below for Japan, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and Kuwait:
Social Norms: I need to identify common social norms that should be used in business in each selected country, as well as hand gestures and body language that should be avoided or that may cause unintended offense.
Time and Scheduling: I also need to describe how the concepts of time and scheduling are treated in each selected country, as well as considerations for business-meeting etiquette that should be considered to avoid causing unintended offense.
Business Practices: Lastly, I need to describe general business practices that should be taken into consideration when conducting business in the selected countries. Examples include meals, cultural holidays and events, and the use of formal contracts.


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