“Mormon Scripture Passages”

Read Mormon Scripture Passages

Watch the Mormon Scriptures Video Lectures
Complete “Mormon Scriptures” discussion board
read three passages from the sacred text of Mormonism. For your discussion board, I would like you to choose one these passages and discuss your thoughts and reaction to it.

In your response you can respond to any of the following questions:

Why did you choose this reading in particular to discuss?
What was interesting about the reading?
What do you think is the main teaching or message of this reading?
What did you find beautiful or disturbing about this reading?
What did you find surprising about the reading?
Did the reading remind you of something in your own life?
Did this scriptural passage remind you of any other scriptures?
What did you learn about this religious tradition from the readings?
What did you find confusing about the reading?
Your response must be at least 250 words and include two direct quotations from the reading. Your initial response is . You must also respond to at least two classmates (these responses must each be at least 100 words long).


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