Law and policy

Details: To assure that IT and its assets are used for good, and in a good manner, ethical standards are important. Ethics are influential in law and policy, which needs to be written and enforced in ways that are fair to all.

In your textbook, Discovering Computers 2018, complete the following:
• Read Module 5, “Digital Security, Ethics, and Privacy: Threats, Issues, and Defenses,” pages 5-25 through 5-35.
This activity prepares you for the week’s discussion of a law related to privacy. Review Table 5-3, “Major U.S. Government Laws Concerning Privacy” on page 5-33 of the textbook, Discovering Computers 2018. Choose one of the laws to research and find out why and when it was enacted.

Identify the law from Table 5-3 of the text that you researched, and answer the following questions:

• How would this law affect the organization and those they serve?
• Why is the law good, bad, both, or neither?
Indicate any past laws that supported it. Feel free to use other, more recent laws and rulings such as The EU’s GDPA.


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