Details: In our final discussion forum, we conclude our course by revisiting some Western philosophical perspectives and reflecting on how the cultural artifacts we have studied relate to them. You will choose and read ONE of the final chapters in Part III of our textbook (Chapters 11-16). You will then relate the theme explored in your chosen chapter (Nature, Morality, Love, etc.) to a work of Western Humanities of your own choosing. You may choose a work of visual art, literature, theater, music, dance, or film, but please make sure to select a work and a chapter/theme that you have not already discussed in a previous module or assignment. Your writing and discussion experience should follow these steps:

1. Write a short introductory paragraph (of around 50 words) in which you:

a) Fully identify the work you have chosen;

b) Identify the textbook chapter and theme you have chosen to relate to it;

c) Briefly suggest the reasons you chose the piece or work.

2. Write a second paragraph of no less than 150 words, in which you:

Explain the major ideas and points brought out in your textbook about the theme discussed in your chosen chapter. (This paragraph should therefore provide a brief overview or summary of the chapter content, with special attention to any issues that are relevant to the work you chose.)

3. Write a third paragraph of no less than 150 words, in which you:

Explain in detail the connection between the theme presented in your chapter and the work you selected to illustrate that theme. How does your chosen work of art or literature (or something else) tie in with the theme discussed in your chapter? Which aspects of or points about the theme seem especially well illustrated or addressed by the work you chose?

Class book— The art of being human 11th edition by Janaro and Altshuler


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