Initial Post Criteria:

In 300 words What can be done to ensure a healthy partnership between science and politics? Suggested strategies to address this question are to critique research findings, maintain scientific integrity, translate research findings so they can be applied in policy-making and use appropriate data to shape policy. Nurses act as advocates for change, so we must be knowledgeable in science and politics.

1. Review the DQ Grading Rubric

MSN Program Discussion Question Grading RubricPreview the document
2. Use the healthcare topic that you chose in week 1.(policy chosen :HB97 Newborn screening;screening for Krabbe disease )


3. Research the literature for studies that support your position regarding this policy.

4. Chose one of the studies you have researched that support your position, and select one of the four strategies ( 1. critique research findings 2. maintain scientific integrity 3.translate research findings so they can be applied in policy-making 4. use appropriate data to shape policy). Write a summary that includes ALL of the following:

a. Why you chose this particular evidence/example

b. Details of how the strategy was used

c. Outcomes of using this strategy

d. Three specific points that you would present to lawmakers to convince them that there is a need for this policy change or development. Each point must be well-developed and at least one reference citation should accompany every point.


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