Cloud computing, smart phones and tablets

Analyze how your system is configured.
What kind of technology (broadband, DSL, dial-up phone line, etc.) do you use to connect your computer to the Internet?
Open the Windows Device Manager (control panel>system>hardware) or Mac System Profiles (Apple>About this Mac>More Info). Identify the network adapter hardware on your computer.
Find the list of network connections on your computer (Windows: control panel>network connections. Mac: System Preferences>Network). Explain how these connections relate to the network adapter hardware.
Which connection is your computer using currently? Double click on this connection to review its status.
Look at the number of packets sent and received. Has your computer sent more than received, received more than sent, or is it about the same number in both directions? What communication activities would have led to this situation?
Discuss how you personally use cloud computing, smart phones and tablets?
Discuss security for your home computer system (password, firewalls, etc.). How do you secure your network? How do you know the network is secure?


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