Compensation and benefits

1.) Describe the CSULA coursework needed to successfully major in tax accounting. This would include coursework within the major, as well as any additional or elective coursework that would be considered advantageous to this career path.

2.) Describe what an entry level position in this career would look like, including compensation and benefits. You can focus on 1-2 typical employers to gain insight into the typical compensation and benefits. Be sure to include all perks such as 401k plans, medical/dental, vacation days etc.

3.) Describe who would be the top employers for a tax accounting career path, including public (IRS) and private employers (CPA firms).

4.) Describe what would be the best cities/regions/countries for tax accounting. For instance are New York and Los Angeles the best places, or perhaps Atalanta has a growing market etc. What are the best places internationally, Dubai, Singapore etc. – USA > VACHE & INTERNATIONAL

5.) Describe what a typical 5 year career development would look like, starting from entry level, including promotions from junior accountant to senior accountant etc. What would be the typical compensation and benefits during this 5 year career path.

Just need to look at other questions to avoid digression.


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