American War of Independence

Provide an individual and comprehensive answer for each question. The answer for each question must be at least half a page long not including the question (that is the minimum; the answer may be longer than that if you feel that you need to elaborate further), using font 12, double-space and standard margins. You will be graded on the accuracy, logic and clarity of your answer. General statement must be supported with specific facts. Do not re-state the question as part of your answer.

In order to answer the questions, you must use the PowerPoint lectures and the assigned pages on the textbook(PDF). No outside sources can be used.

Your work must be original, that means your own thoughts and words; you cannot copy and paste form the book or any other source; you cannot just redact my own words from the PP lectures. All of those practices are considered plagiarism, and you will get 0 (zero) for the whole assignment, and if you do it a second time, you will get automatically an F on the course.

The questions require rational thinking, not just repetition or lis of facts, but when you make a point or express an opinion these have to be supported by specific facts.

Your work has to be delivered through Turnitin.

1. How did the ideas of the philosophers of the Enlightenment present a challenge to the monarchical regime in France prior to the Revolution? Provide specific examples of thinkers, works, and their ideas.

2. Why did the French Revolution take a radical turn? Provide specific explanations of the key events that enabled the radical voices to take precedence over the moderates?

3. What is the role of the American War of Independence in the crisis the preceded the French Revolution? Explain, not just list events. Could the crisis have been avoided?

4. Why were some elements of French society or some regions against the Revolution? Which were the specific internal conflicts that the First French Republic had to confront? How did the Revolutionary government react to anti-revolutionary uprisings? Be specific.

5. Can you have a true revolution without bloodshed? Based on what you have learned about the French Revolution, do you think violence is necessary to achieve change? And, does violence work? Provide specific examples to justify your opinion.…


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