Ethical principles in day-to-day practices

What is your opinion about [i] trolling and [ii] moral policing? Do they have any implications on individuals and organizations? Give cogent reasons for each part replied.
Think of a local/international organization/community that seems most ethical to you. This would be an organization or community that is an ethical beacon which you might want to emulate. Focus specifically on what the organization or community undertakes to turn their ethical principles into daily practices, and answer the following questions.
1. What is the organizational ethical beacon?
2. Related with the theoretical concepts studied in the modules that how does the identified organization lead with ethical principles?
3. Defend your choice that how does your selected organization enact ethical principles in day-to-day practices (such as hiring, evaluation, compensation, policies etc. OR way of life, community principles, way of conducting themselves with others, adherence to laws and regulations, self-imposed disciplinary measures, code of ethics etc.)?


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