Enterprise solution for software development

Provide a data processing example for which the use of a batch processing system to handle transactions is appropriate. Provide an example for which the use of online transaction processing is appropriate.
Define supply chain management (SCM).
Identify and briefly describe at least four key business capabilities provided by the use of a CRM system.
What is source data automation? What benefits can it be expected to deliver?
Identify and briefly discuss five challenges to the successful implementation of an enterprise system. Provide several tips to overcome these challenges.
Why were SMEs slow to adopt ERP software? What changed to make ERP software more attractive for SMEs?
Many organizations are moving to a collaborative process with their major suppliers to get their input on designing and planning future product modification or new products. Explain how a PLM system might enhance such a process. What issues and concerns might a manufacturer have in terms of sharing product data with suppliers?
Explain why an enterprise solution for software development like JIRA is important for roadmap planning and managing engineering tasks.


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