Global Sourcing

Global Operations Management is supported by Strategic Supply Chain Management in many ways. Elucidate the following;
(a)List and briefly define/describe the Five (5) Components of Strategic Supply Chain Management by also stating how these may supportive to Global Operations Management? [5 Marks]
(b)Compare and contrast Purchasing and Procurement in terms of similarities and differences. Briefly define, state and explain Global Sourcing and the Motives for Buying Offshore and what is Outsourcing and how many types of Sourcing are you aware of and where is their place in Global Supply chain Management and Operations management [10 Marks]
(c) Define and briefly explain various Transport Systems, Costs and Considerations, Freight Agents, Methods of Payments, Counter trade, True Cost Offshore buying, Buying Capital Equipment Offshore Factors in Successful Offshore Procurement, in light of Buying Offshore.


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