E-Commerce Business Models

Information Systems Enterprise
Assignment:  Major E-Commerce Business Models
1.) Explain e-business, e-commerce, and their main features.
2.) Compare three major e-commerce business models.
3.) For each of the e-commerce business models you selected in #2, provide an example of a scenario in which the selected business model would be most appropriate and explain why. Additionally, provide an example scenario for each business model that would not be appropriate and explain why.
4.) For each model you identified in #2, identify the information technology components required to enable their organizational function.
5.) Select two businesses that utilize different e-commerce business models and analyze how they demonstrate the use of the information technology components that enable their business.
6.) For each business you selected in #5, analyze the following:
How customer relationship management (CRM) would be applied for each business
How supply chain management (SCM) would be applied for each business
The purpose of e-collaboration in supporting each business’s operations


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