“Sales Call Objectives”

The Covid19 has brought in many changes within the hospitality industry. Many long-term and short-term sales strategies have been impacted, and challenged sales teams to reimagine their processes in order to successfully continue their operations.
Read the scenario below and keeping the pandemic in mind, answer the questions listed below the scenario for your submission: You are a professional salesperson managing more than 200 clients (aka. accounts) while working for a hotel. Your clients are located across GTA (consists of the central city of Toronto and the four regional municipalities which surround it: Durham, Halton, Peel, and York). Each client has different characteristics, such as overall revenue contribution, seasonal demand pattern, industry category, etc.
a) WHAT “strategic factors” and “environmental factors” should be considered to manage these accounts effectively? WHY do you think these factors are important? Select at least a total of TWO factors – one strategic and one environmental factor. (4 marks – 1 mark for listing each factor and 1 mark for explaining each of the factors)
b) Select any THREE Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and explain how those needs will impact your client’s decision making to purchase your product/service now as compared to 2019 prior the pandemic. (4.5 marks – 0.5 marks for listing each Maslow’s needs and 1 mark for explaining each one)
c) HOW would you perform an account analysis keeping in mind the pandemic for the new clients? Explain and give example. (2 marks – 1 mark for explaining and 1 mark for giving an example)
d) WHAT methods can be used to prospect new clients? List THREE methods and discuss at least ONE Pro and ONE Con of each method identified. (9 marks – 1 mark for listing the method, 1 mark for identifying a Pro and 1 mark for identifying a Con)
e) HOW would you change your approach to your “Sales Call Objectives” being in the midst of a pandemic? Explain and give example. (2 marks – 1 mark for explaining and 1 mark for a specific example)
f) Pick at least THREE non-verbal communication modes and explain HOW do you think the non-verbal communication will “still” play an important role in your sales call? (6 marks – 1 mark for each of the non-verbal communication mode selected, 1 mark for explaining its importance)
g) WHAT type of “Sales Presentation Method” would be used in your sales call? Explain in detail as to WHY this method was selected over the others by providing TWO benefits of using it? (2.5 marks – 0.5 mark for presentation method selection and 2 marks for providing the two benefits)
h) WHAT method would you use to follow-up with your clients? WHY did you select this method? HOW often would you follow-up? (3 marks – 1 mark for each question)
i) WHAT are TWO ways you would ensure successful “Account Penetration” among your existing clients under the current circumstances of being in a pandemic? Explain both points in detail. (4 marks – 2 marks each)


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