What are some of the lifestyle choices that can lead to getting heart attacks?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_-7e81rVd8&t=239s first 25 mins. of the video.
1. What surprised you or what did you learn that you did not know prior to watching the video?

2. What factors contributed to Jon’s Heart Attack? Of those which ones can he change? Which ones can he not change?

3. The heart relies on its cells to respond to electrical stimuli in a very precise choreographed manner. what cellular structures enable the heart to function as a functional syncytium. Hint: How do cells communicate?

4. Jon went into VF arrest because one of his cells started beating to its own beat, instead of the one set by the sinoatrial node. how this one cell upset the functional syncytium?

5. Jon had to undergo cardioversion, twice. Cardioversion basically is shocking the person with high voltage.  how cardioversion works. Saying that it forces the heart back into rhythm is not acceptable because it’s not really what happens.

6. Look up the drug they gave Jon to clear his blocked artery. What are some of the dangers of giving a person that drug?

7. Jon displayed classic heart attack symptoms. But women often experience symptoms that are very different from those displayed by men. What symptoms might have Jon experienced if he had been a woman?

8. What are some of the other ways that people get myocardial infarctions (heart attacks)?

9. What are some of the lifestyle choices that can lead to getting heart attacks?

10. Why do you think cardiovascular disease in general is the number one cause of death in the United States?


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