Competitive advantage over the companies in the marketplace today.

feasibility analysis on the following business, using primary or secondary research to support your decisions, and include information about the research in your appendix section.
Meal Planning Company
You are preparing to open a new small business: a meal planning and delivery company – but with a twist. YOU need to research meal prep companies and come up with the twist: that is, a competitive advantage over the companies in the marketplace today.
Description and details of the business: As a meal planner, you would:

Interview your customers as to their likes/dislikes/allergies
Create a list of ingredients
Create step-by-step recipes for your customers to follow
Explain the nutritional value of the meals to educate your customers
Explain to them how they are saving money by sticking to your meal plans
Purchase the necessary ingredients
Prepare and package all the necessary ingredients for each meal
Deliver the uncooked, prepared ingredients to your customers

Market research and demographic research
Ideas / pricing / etc
Consider that it could be to a particular audience; a particular type of meal; add-ons; pricing differentiation – and more.

Remember the proposed business so you have the liberty of making decisions / assumptions (that you explain) and you may make decisions about the company (such as the type of food, etc) and so on. Plan that the business will start up in MI (research hint!)


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