What kind of accounting system/measures are used?


This is my case study

I need u to avoid the errors that my prof comments last time, i show u his feedback. please see the guide at the attachments and make sure it’s nonprofit organization. also i attached three examples ..

Your final case study should be able to answer or at least address all of the following questions:

  • How does the organization use planning?
  • Does it have a strategic plan?
  • Does the strategic plan tie to its resource allocation?
  • If so, how?
  • How does the organization decide on how to distribute its resources?
  • When resources are tight, what processes do they use to make the resources fit their priorities?
  • What kind of budget system do they use?
  • How does the organization ensure its annual resources carry them through the year?
  • Does the organization use risk management?
  • If not , how does it view risk?
  • If it does, how is risk management applied?
  • Does the organization use performance management?
  • If so, how is it used?
  • What kind of accounting system/measures are used?
  • How does it handle financial management and financial reporting?
  • What kind of audits are used?
  • What process is used to make management decisions?
  • Does the organization have a continuity plan?
  • If so, what does their plan address?

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