Do you think that businesses need to concern themselves with “the larger social good”?

Business Management

  1. Do you think that businesses need to concern themselves with “the larger social good”? How might you be able to incorporate social responsibility in your future workplace?
  2. “Our most fundamental responsibility as citizens,” Loeb writes, “is to love not only our own children, but other people’s as well—including children we will never meet, who grow up in situations we’d prefer to ignore.” In other words, focusing beyond our families is fundamental to our public lives and commitments. If you repeated this quote in one of your classes, or to a group of your friends hanging out for the evening, or to your family, what kinds of responses do you think you would receive? How would you interpret their reaction? (You might actually do this as an experiment.)

Think of a social problem or issue that interests you. It can be one that affects you or others within or outside your community. It can be a campus, city, state, or even national or global issue. What issue have you chosen, and why? What would you like to see happen with this issue? After you reflect on why you’ve chosen this issue, think of groups you could connect with or with whom you are already connected, that could help you achieve your goal. These could be groups of friends, your church/synagogue/mosque, your college classes, campus clubs, your dorm or local neighborhood. Why did you choose the specific groups you listed and how do you think they could help?
Answer these questions 250+ words.


  • Read the following articles and view at least one of the videos.
  • Create a thread (100+ words) on the Discussion Group Forum titled “Sahel Crisis” describing what is going through your mind right now regarding this crisis. What are the most moving parts of what you read/watched? Did you have any idea before Class #4 of the scale of the global displacement issue? Thinking of the camp that Ashley works in in Burkina Faso – if you could pick one sliver of this problem to address, what would you want to do and why?


Here are 2 additional short videos that give a very clear and comprehensive overview of Sahel Crisis:


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