Compare and contrast the use of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, and MongoDB for Big Data Applications.

Please read attached file Chapter 6:(Managing the Digital Firm, Chapter 6, p. 214-251) and answer following questions.

Q1:Please write a concise (one page, in 1.5 spacing 11-point Calibri font.) position statement on Big Data and how it is used by an organization for both creating revenue in the market and decreasing costs within the organization. Discuss what could potentially disrupt the organization’s business model.

Q2:Compare and contrast the use of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, and MongoDB for Big Data Applications. Which would you use for what type of business applications?Please provide one succinct paragraph(about 250 words) answering these questions.

Q3: Please write 2-3 sentence to reply following discussion.

MS SQL Server is an SQL with a strict structure, in other words, it’s easy to protect database, and scalability can be a big challenge. It has different versions for projects from small to big; While it’s commercial oriented, it provides a lot of business value-added features. However it’s costly.MS SQL Server can be applied in situations that users uses other MS products for their businesses, as MS has a well-integrated systems.

Oracle DB is an NoSQL, NoSQL allows for reserving various data types together and scaling it by growing around multiple servers.It has large capacity, however it’s costly either.Oracle DB can be applied in situations that users have a billion records to manage and have enough budgets.

MongoDB is an NoSQL, in other words,MongoDB has fast and easy data operation, it can process multiple types of data simultaneously. It’s less costly than MS SQL Server and Oracle DB, however, it’s memory consumption and has the risk of data insecurity. MongoDB fits to users who have to deal with a billion of real-time data.


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