What is the message of the myth?

Christian Myth of Creation

In a two-page research essay, identify, research, and describe a religious myth. Explain the purpose of the myth (creation, cleansing, destruction, etc). Critique the ways that the myth functions in the religion and the impact that it has on the worldview of the religion’s followers. Be sure to address the following questions:

  • What is the message of the myth?
  • Does it offer behavior suggestions, a legacy, a specific purpose for the religion, etc?
  • Do all of the religion’s followers interpret the myth in the same way? How might it be misinterpreted (intentionally or unintentionally)? What impact does the interpretation have on how followers view the world and other religions?

Use a minimum of two sources to identify and describe the myth (these can be religious texts or secondary sources). Be sure to cite all source material according to APA guidelines.


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