Write an essay on Pathogenic Microbiology.

Do not plagiarize
 Discussion post should be written in your own words
 Post should be well written and easy to follow
 Pay attention to all requirements for this assignment
I hope everyone has enjoyed our lectures on respiratory viruses including the Flu and
Coronavirus. For our first discussion of the semester I would like everyone to find one
scientific article, TED talk or Podcast and take about it. Explain what the article, TED talk
or Podcast has for new information on some viruses we have commonly seen or heard
about. pathogenic microbiology discussion board help. This is your choice on the respiratory virus you would like to discuss. Use other
articles or our text to help with your discussion.
1.) Must be a scientific article, Podcast or TED talk.
2.) Must link scientific article, Podcast or TED talk referenced.


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