Discuss the importance and the advantages of using these techniques.

Data representation is the act displaying the visual form of your data. The process of
identifying the most effective and appropriate solution for representing our data is
unquestionably the most important feature of our visualization design. Here we find ourselves. Working on this
layer involves making decisions that cut across the artistic and scientific foundations of
the field.
Here we find ourselves face-to-face with the demands of achieving that ideal harmony of
form and function that was outlined in Chapter 6, Data Representation
. We need to achieve the elegance of a design that aesthetically suits our intent and the
functional behavior required to fulfill the effective imparting of information.
According to Kirk 2016, in order to dissect the importance of data representation, we are
going to "look at it from both theoretical and pragmatic perspectives." Choose three of the
storytelling techniques (Pages 161 – 209) in which data is presented and stories are
being interpreted. Discuss the importance and the advantages of using these techniques.
Provide an example of each technique.


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