How Are New Technologies Making an Impact on Businesses?

This paper is focused on the role of new technologies and how they impact business operations and decisions. How New Technologies are Making an Impact on Businesses. This is a research paper, so you need to have references in
APA style. Your paper should be at least 3500 words, and at a minimum discuss the
following topics:
 Three different and new/emerging technologies
o Introduce the technologies
o How are they being used(orhowtheywillbeused) o What are their potential for users
and businesses
 Impacts on business operations, decisions, sales, etc. o
 Impact on executives, employees, customers, humans, etc. o
Your grade will be dependent on:
 How effectively you address the minimum points listed above
 How organized your paper is, and how well it flows
 Correct spelling & grammar
 To get a perfect score – go above and beyond the minimum points
while ensuring bullet
points #2 & #3 are still addressed.


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