Essay Proposal: Canadian Human Right Acts of 1977.

1.Essay Proposal on topic Canadian Human Right Acts of 1977.

  1. Link of the essay-



  1. Draft thesis statement (argument) and introduction.
  2. A bullet point outline of your paper.
  3. a) what are your main sections?
  4. b) Approximately how long will each part be?
  5. c) what are the topic sentences/ sub arguments for each section?
  6. Problems you expect to encounter (trouble finding sources, too much information, time

management) and how you might address.

  1. Format of the Assignment

Papers must be typed, double- spaced,with regular margins,usw 12-pt. Times New Roman and have numbered pages. Papers should be written in formal academic English( no contractions(ie. it’s , isn’t, can’t, don’t) with attention paid to correct grammar.


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