Do a corporate profile of the Company called Target.

Company: Target in the USA
Length (4 Pages) Corporate Profile Module I:
Use the outline below as a guide. Corporate Profile Module I_.You are to include three independent sources (not including the textbook or corporation web site) in this section.
1. Introduce your company. What does it do? How did it get started? How does it add
value? Who are the customers it competes for? What risks confront the company?
What type of business is it—goods-producing or service? What industry does it
operate in? What is it known for?Write an opening paragraph that engages your
reader from the outset!
2. State its mission, vision, and values. Define these terms using the definition from
Bovee and Thill (textbook).
The mission: Most companies state their mission on their website. Use your company’s
own words in your paper.
The vision: You may have difficulty finding a statement of your company’s vision; if you
can’t find it, you should state the vision in your own words based on what you have read
about the company’s philosophy and values.
Values: You should find your company’s values on its website.
3. Analyze your company’s mission statement. Does it match the book's definition of a
good mission statement? Why or why not? Is it just “vague happy talk” or does it really
say why the company exists?
Overall: Your paper should be a combination of material from the company itself (website
is one source), other business references (Business Week, the Wall Street Journal,
Business Source Premier, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Hoovers, Google Finance, Yahoo
Finance, Bloomberg, etc.), the textbook, and your own interpretation of the topic.


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