Are we better or worse because of our abundance of technological advancements?

Social Media’s Impact on Kids or Teens


You will have an argument, as well as evidence provided through research in order to support that argument. The subjects to write about are as follows:

CHOICE ONE: Technology and its impact on our lives.

This subject will be based on the discussion we had in class regarding social media as well as self-driving/smart cars. Suggestions are as follows.

  • Technology’s impact on our lives. Are we better or worse because of our abundance of technological advancements? Consider the google effect.
  • Technology’s influence on our brains. Are we more or less intelligent as a result of technology?
  • Social media’s impact on kids or teens.
  • Social media’s impact on adults.
  • Having conversations and personal connections and the impact technology has had on our ability to communicate with each other and relate to each other.

CHOICE TWO: Fake news, the impact of media on our lives

This second option is based on our discussion on fake news, false information as well as the various conversations we have had in regard to finding, evaluating and using information in our personal and professional lives. Suggestions for topics are as follows:

  • How has fake news impacted, affected or changed our lives over the past few years?
  • How has news media, news television, newspapers and the way we access information changed over the past ten or fifteen years. Getting news on the internet versus getting news via television, radio or newspaper.
  • What will the future of fake news be? Will it get better or worse? How much of an impact will it have on our future? What will happen to the levels of trust we have in social media and various news outlets. How will governments respond to the spread of fake news?
  • The power of images/pictures in today’s society and how images (Instagram, television, movies) has surpassed the written word.
  • Anything else about fake news accessing info that interests you.


MLA format (one inch margins, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font) In text citation 3 pages of writing 1 mla citation page A strong blend of outside research and your own opinions.3 credible sources are required for this paper.


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