Research solutions you would recommend for this business. Explain.

Write an essay on Computer Security

Lab project ABC Learning Center is a child care center the uses a local area network to run its business. risk assessment. Employees use a computer in the main room to check children in and out and complete of other necessary paperwork for the center. Records and
financial information are kept on another computer located in a back room
restricted to employees only. A Web server is also hosted in the back room; a router
provides access to the Internet via a broadband DSL connection. The center does not
use antivirus software, as the Internet access was primarily implemented to
broadcast images from a webcam in the main room so that parents can check on the
children via the Internet. Since you are enrolled in a Security Assessment and
Auditing class at Tarrant County College, you have been recommended to assist ABC
Company with a risk assessment. Complete the following questions based on
information provided, (over). 1. What are possible risks to this business? 2. Research
solutions you would recommend for this business. Explain. 3. Create an attack tree
showing threats that may impact the ABC Learning Center. Please use the correct


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