How has globalization influenced the growth of INGOs? What about the role of world politics?

Provide an overview of International NGOs, including its definition, scope of INGOs in the United States and Worldwide, and the factors that have influenced the growth of INGOs.

Later in the day will need to respond to two other posting. 100 words each so a total of 200 in responses to two other students. Total of 850- 950 words, reference not included in the word counting. I will upload the required pdfs

For the first discussion, we will do it together. This week’s reading covers the definitions of key concepts we will use in this class, including NGOs, INGOs, NGDOs, the third sector, civil society, etc. The reading also covers the growth of INGOs in the past few decades, and the factors that drive the growth. So, based on the reading, we will focus our discussion on three broad themes: the definition, the scope, and the factors that drive the growth. Under each theme, I’ve listed some questions to guide our discussion. Feel free to propose new questions or discuss something you find interesting regarding this week’s reading that’s related to or even beyond these themes.

Your discussion should focus on no more than two themes and you need to respond to/comment on at least one other student’s post. You can base your discussion on the assigned reading or additional references you find.

Theme 1: NGOs’ definition and other concepts

How do we define NGO (what’s the difference between NGOs and nonprofit organizations)? What kind of NGOs can be considered international NGOs (INGOs)? How do we define “the third sector” and civil society, respectively? How are these concepts related to each other or are different from each other?

Theme 2: The scope of INGOs

What’s the total number/scope of INGOs in the United States, other countries, and worldwide, respectively? Is it growing or decreasing? How about their regional distribution, i.e. is the growth stronger in the North or the South?

The reading provided some information on the scope of INGOs in the past ten to twenty years. For our discussion, I’d like you to do some research online (i.e. Google search) to see what’s the most updated information you can find regarding the scope of INGOs, from what source, and about what country. We will share our findings, and by the end of Discussion 1, each of us will have the best available information on the scope of INGOs…

Theme 3: The factors driving the increased size and influence of INGOs, or the factors hindering the growth of INGOs.

What drives the growth and influence of INGOs? Do you agree with the factors identified in the readings? Are there any other factors you think the reading fails to mention? How has globalization influenced the growth of INGOs? What about the role of world politics?

Paul Ronalds (2010). The change imperative: Creating the next generation NGO. Sterling, VA: Kumarian Press.

Task 3: Read all the following reading:

Power point pdf file for the module

Ronalds (2010). Chapter 1, 2 & 4

Werker, E. & Ahmed, F. Z. (2008). What do nongovernmental organizations do? Journal of economic perspective, 22, 73-92.

Casey, J. (2016). Comparing Nonprofit Sectors around the World. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, 6, 187-223.

initial post and a response post.

As a general guideline, initial posts should be well-developed, use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Response posts should be substantive and move the discussion forward. This is your opportunity to discuss the information further with your classmates or to discuss whether you agree or disagree and state why or why not. Keep your comments professional.

You are encouraged to incorporate your personal and professional experiences in discussion board responses.


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