Increasing or decreasing the wage? Which one of these two options is less damaging to the economy?

I chose my topic for the research paper to be about “Increase in wage“. I read an article recently about the pros and cons of our minimum wage increase. It seemed very interesting to me so I decided to use this as my research paper topic if it gets approved. From my point of view, this is something everyone should know about. I know that increasing it sounds like a good idea because we think it’s more money, however, an increase in wage has many negative effects on our lives. A lot of things are based on our wages such as house prices, product prices, and other bills. Increasing or decreasing the wage? Which one of these two options is less damaging to the economy? Why do people work? What is the minimum wage? Is it the same for every state? Who decides how much it is?

  • MLA Style of Writing
  • Bibliography; that lists 5-7 sources (not to exceed 7)
  • 10-15 pages of prose- (not to include the title page or bibliography)
  • Evidence of acquired familiarity – with both sides of the selected topic
  • Convincing, well-developed argument- of the thesis statement.

Due dates for your research paper are as follows:

April 10: Research Summaries Due (Details to follow.)

May 15: Draft #1 Due (Details to follow.)

June 8: Final Draft Due at 11:59 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS – Submit MS Word version of your paper in Canvas.


Choose 5 to 7 articles from the LAVC or other college library. For each article, you will write 1-2 pages that contain the following: (This means your assignment, called a research synthesis, will be 6-7 pages single spaced.)

  • Information about the article as it will appear – MLA style – in your bibliography.
  • A summary of the article (1-2 paragraphs)
  • A list of statistical data/key ideas/quotes from the article that MIGHT appear in your paper
  • A reaction to the article (1 paragraph; this can include your opinion, how the article fits into your paper, other research you think you need as a result of reading it, etc.)

THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY, but a repository of your research. You only need to list each summary one after the other.

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24 pages, Double Spacing


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