“How to choose and invest in stocks for the next two years”


“How to choose and invest in stocks for the next two years”

Length: Minimum of 600 words


The 3-Step Process

Part one entails providing an outline of the 3-Step Process.

Read the attachment provided for further instructions on how to complete your 3-Step Process. (Week 3 Strategic Planning Assignment_3Step Process.pdf)

TOPIC Name – “How to choose and invest in stocks for the next two years”


Using the Questions in the 2nd page of attached doc (Week 3 Strategic Planning Assignment_3Step Process.pdf) complete the assignment using the topic as provided above.


Your responses must be complete, detailed and in APA format with minimum of 2 references by following the below guide lines

APA Guide Lines

Encourage you to paraphrase other professional subject matter experts and cite his/her work. Citations are added as a reference in the reference page.

Type the question as a Heading after the Introduction paragraph. Ensure that your report is wholesome/has substance like as if you are in a board meeting and having to defend the company’s action or lack of action.

Spell out the acronyms first and if mentioned again, you can type the acronym like CFO. You want to make sure your readers completely understand what you are saying and not have your readers guess.

Add more references, which means you will have more citation added to your paper.

Who you have listed in the reference should be mentioned (cited) in the paper.



paper must be completed in APA style format(attached).


Need the work to be submitted in time SHOULD BE STRICTLY PLAGIARISM FREE.


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