Describe the type of character most suited for organizational leadership, according to the Virtue Ethics of Aristotle.

Consider the following questions from your studies in business ethics. Business Ethics. Use your own words and go into some detail when responding to each question; a 3-4 sentence response should be sufficient for most questions. You may refer to your notes from lectures, discussions, our text, and outside resources, but I am looking for your
individual analysis in every response. Make sure to focus your responses on the ethical aspects of the issue in question and respond to all parts of the question
directly. Back up your claims with good reasoning. Each question is worth one point;
a total of 14 points can be earned.
1) What ethical dilemmas may be raised for businesses specifically due to expanding
technological abilities?
2) Read the piece from the Center for Ethical Business Cultures in the Supplement
section called “Expectations”. Do you agree that there is a “Trust Gap” between
business and the general public that needs addressing?
3) How could the public combat the type of corporate misdeeds featured in “The
4) There is a longstanding history of gender inequality in the U.S. workplace,
including wage discrepancy. Explain why this is not an acceptable situation.
5) What do you make of Rawl’s assertion that”… social and economic inequalities, for
example inequalities of wealth and authority, are just only if they result in
compensating benefits for everyone, and in particular for the least advantaged
members of society”?
6) Would Marx agree that issuing a stimulus check to laid-off workers would increase
their human dignity?
7) What would be some important ethical considerations in protecting workers from
COVID-19 in meat processing plants?
8) What kind of moral obligations should employees be expected to hold towards
employer/organization in today’s workplace?
9) Review the Minnesota Principles on Global Business Ethics in Supplemental
Readings. Choose one of the Stakeholder Principles (customers, employees,
investors….), and discuss how businesses might be convinced to follow the specific
guidelines mentioned.
10) The goal of advertising may be seen as creating the compulsive desire to
purchase a product. Is this a problem that should somehow be controlled/regulated?

11) Describe the type of character most suited for organizational leadership,
according to the Virtue Ethics of Aristotle.
12) After reviewing “There’s No Such Thing as Business Ethics” in Supplemental
Readings, discuss how a business organization might best succeed with a “Golden
Rule” philosophy in its leadership.
13) Beyond concerns over COVID-19, what do you believe to be the most significant
ethical issues facing business today, and what would you suggest as a general
approach to dealing with those issues?
14) Which ethical principle, concept, or theory you learned about will be the most
useful to your future ethical decision-making as a business professional?


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