What are Croc’s core competencies?

Supply Chain Alignment Adaptability and Agility – Crocs: Revolutionizing an Industry’s Supply Chain for Competitive Advantage – Stanford Graduate School of Business 2007


Studying a supply chain company in a business that typically relies on ‘push’. The important thing to emphasize is how they have effectively built a very responsive TOC-based system in an industry where that is very hard to do.

Base Requirements: 1 ½ to 2 pages

Key questions to consider:

  • What are Croc’s core competencies?
  • How do they exploit these competencies in the future? Consider the following alternatives:
    • Further vertical integration into materials.
    • Growth by acquisition
    • Growth by product extension
  • To what degree do the alternatives in Question 2 fit the company’s core competencies, and to what degree do they defocus the company away from its core competencies?
  • How should Crocs plan its production and inventory? How do the company’s gross margins affect this decision?


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