“14 Social Media Best Practices You Should Follow in 2020”

Read Todd Clarke’s (2019) “14 Social Media Best Practices You Should Follow in 2020” https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-best-pract…and Read TDK Technologies’ (2018) ideas on “Setting Social Media Goals and Objectives.”https://www.tdktech.com/tech-talks/enterprise-soci…

Then – read Nicole Lee’s (2020) article “Social media’s recent embrace of #BlackLivesMatter was a long time coming.”https://www.engadget.com/blm-online-activism-socia… Not only is the article smart, well-written and really informative – it should really make you think about what it means to have an “objective” for a campaign. Lee takes up the question, “Was the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter successful?” I think think the article also helps explain that we cannot really think about our social media campaigns successfully without understanding the history that shapes the way that they are understood and received.

Read Marie Ennis-O’Connor’s (2018) article, “How to set SMART social media marketing goals for 2018.”https://medium.com/@JBBC/how-to-set-smart-social-m… Once you have ideas for your social content, you need to know how to use that content to accomplish goals and analyze the success of a social campaign. O’Connor’s piece introduces the elements of SMART objectives and shares ideas for the types of objectives commonly used in social media plans.

Shannon Tien’s (2018) piece for Hootsuite, “11 Ways to Kickstart your Social Media Brainstorm” https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-brainstorm…is a great piece for thinking about generating creative and compelling content.

This lesson week is asking you to begin thinking about content, goals and objectives. To do this effectively, it’s important I would say, to have a sense of what is being discussed in the most prominent outlets publishing work about social media. Two of these include Social Media Today & Social Media Examiner.

So this discussion board is really an “open forum” in a sense. Your task is to go to these sites. Browse around. Find an article (or two) that interests you – specifically because you believe it (they) can help answer the question:

“What are significant factors that shape the way that social media content should be designed in response to a campaign’s objectives?”

Yes, this question is purposefully vague. You could choose to answer this question in a way that addresses a specific platform. You could use this as a chance to begin brainstorming ideas about the campaign for your client. You could get deep into a conversation about social media and social activity – the choice is yours.

I do have a few requests – In your post:

  1. Summarize the content of the Social Media Today or Social Media Examiner piece (what is the strategy or idea or news being presented?)
  2. Explain your personal interest (what drew you to this article?)
  3. Connect your post to something in the readings/lecture from this lesson week


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