Do a SWOT’s analysis for the same company

Gulf energy company

Choose an Omani well-established company (Gulf Energy), answer all questions and write a report about your findings. Below are the main areas that should be covered in the report:

1. Write an introduction in which you will briefly highlight the portfolio of the chosen Omani organization

2. Do a SWOT’s analysis for the same company in Oman.

3. Based on the results of your analysis in question number 2, suggest an explained action plan to overcome weaknesses (W) and threats (T) of the company.

4. After explaining the benefit of Oman Vision 2020 to SME,

show its implications on the chosen company or at least highlight the expectations of the company’s management?

5. Write a conclusion in which you will make sure to incorporate your findings

Important instructions:

1. The choice of organisation should be approved by the professor.

2. For the assignment, you are expected to use different sources of information – primary and secondary data.

3. The total word count is approximately 1000- maximum 1500 words.

4. The report should contain a title, table of contents, introduction (goal and objectives of report, main sources used, structure…), body (answers to all questions of the assignment), conclusion (revealing all findings, directly related to objectives, highlighting challenges), list of references, appendixes.

5. Adequate referencing (use Harvard style of referencing) should be done in the report.

6. The computer generated report should be in 12, Times New Roman and black and white. Coloured exhibits should be avoided in the report.

7. Plagiarised documents (see updated document at the end of this assignment)


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