What types of services and interventions are offered at each?

**Book Course readings**
Required text: Stevens, P. & Smith, R.L. (2013). Substance abuse
counseling: Theory and Practice (5th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall.
Lesson 5
Please make sure that you read the following
instructions and complete all assignments to
receive full credit for this lesson.
1. Read Chapter Six.
2. Read the Lesson Notes below
3. Complete the Lesson 5 Discussion Question
4. Respond and Provide feedback to two of your classmates
Treatment Setting and Treatment


Chapter 6
In order to build on chapter 5, chapter 6 takes the client from the assessment
diagnosis stage to the treatment stage. This stage is what we often think of when
talking about substance abuse counseling. Treatment builds upon the
recommendations of the assessment, where the client will learn the skills necessary
for surviving without drugs and alcohol in their lives.
Chapter 6 will introduce you to the basics of the treatment process, including what a
treatment setting is, and what the various types of treatment modalities are. This will
help enlighten your understanding of what is available for an individual suffering from
drug addiction.
Learning Objectives
 Define what a treatment setting is
 Analyze the different treatment modalities available to substance abuse
Lesson 5 Discussion Question

Discussion Question – Please follow all of the instructions for this assignment

Please compare and contrast: Inpatient treatment versus Outpatient treatment.

Which clients are appropriate for each?

What types of services and interventions are offered at each?

What is the average length of treatment for each?

Post your response to the above in the Discussion Board (250 words


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