How would you know if an organization is performing well?

Review Chapter 3 in Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare.
Answer the following questions:

  1. How would you select and implement one or more of the planning tools (benchmarking, dashboards, scorecards) in your own healthcare organization?
  2. In the context of your own healthcare organization which of the core planning areas (pg. 86) are most in need of strategic direction?
  3. What specific distinct difficulties do you see in planning at the local, regional, and national levels?
  4. In your experience with healthcare, what are the important dimensions of performance? How would you know if an organization is performing well?
  5. Many hospitals work to ensure profitability by giving attention to a mix of products and services. What does this mean practically? How is it carried out without losing focus on strategy?

Use graphs, charts, case studies, work experience, and other media to support your answer


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