What is your opinion about the Federal response to local disasters?

During Week 2 we explored the debate concerning the federal role in local disasters (Recall that the first federal involvement in a local disaster occurred 1802 after a fire in Portsmouth, NH). While the nation now expects a federal response, the debate about the federal role continues.

To answer this week’s discussion question, I ask you to complete two tasks in sequence.  First, Search “abolish FEMA” on the Internet. Explore the arguments. Second, skim “Stafford Act Declarations 1953-2014: Trends, Analyses, and Implications for Congress” which is included in the Other Resources folder within the Week 2 module.

Once you’ve completed your review, please answer the following questions and post your response on the discussion board:

  1. How did the different readings influence your thinking?  For example, did you find yourself wanting to render an opinion or ask more questions?  Did your thoughts change as you read the different pieces?
  2. Which perspective, piece of evidence or question did you find most interesting?
  3. What is your opinion about the Federal response to local disasters?


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