How can people honestly learn what their weaknesses are?

  1. What do you see as the key advantages of focusing upon one’s strengths as a leader? What are the drawbacks of this approach?

Choose one of the following additional questions to answer:

  • Which of the three approaches to defining and analyzing strengths seems best suited to effective leadership in your opinion?
  • A common adage is for leaders to “staff to their weaknesses.” How does that relate to the material in this chapter on strengths?
  • Aside from changing group members, what should leaders do if they find their team lacks certain key strengths?
  • How does building upon your strengths fit with the idea of “getting out of your comfort zone”?
  • Knowing your strengths as the leader is important. How important is it to know the strengths of followers? What strategies might leaders use to gain this information?
  • How can people honestly learn what their weaknesses are?


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