“Business Strategy and Outlook”

The goal of this assignment is to ensure that you have read the case materials to the class discussion of the case.The assignment has to be typed (cannot exceed a single page, 11 font, single-spaced) and submitted as a Word document.


One of the biggest beneficiaries of Covid-19 appears to be telehealth. That’s why I want us to study Teladoc as our lead off case for discussion. Teladoc is the world’s largest telehealth company and has thrived in the pandemic

You don’t have a written case for Teladoc. Instead, you have the following documents:

Morningstar July 2020 analyst report. I picked Morningstar over other analysts’ reports because Morningstar’s write-up covers a lot of strategy issues in addition to the usual financial analysis. Please remember, though, that what is contained in the report is, for the most part, the opinion of the analyst writing the report. Read it with a healthy dose of skepticism and try to look in the report for corroborative evidence.

Teladoc’s January 13, 2020 (prior to the pandemic outbreak) investor presentation (they have a more recent one but it is 140 pages long and so we will stick with this one!). Keep in mind that this is from the company’s perspective and so things are generally talked about in a very positive and upbeat manner. Again, as before, take this with a healthy dose of skepticism and look for evidence.

We will study Teladoc’s business model (see discussion in lecture notes on Topic #1 and the exhibit on the 3 parts of a business model) and critique it.

What should you look for in the Morningstar report?

Read the “Business Strategy and Outlook” part

Read the “Economic Moat” part

Read the “Fair Value and Profit Drivers” part

Read the “Risk and Uncertainty” part

Read the “Stewardship” part that talks about the caliber of the top management team

Look at the ratios on page 8 (while we will talk about financial analysis later on, this gives you an idea of how Teladoc is doing financially)

What should you look for in the company’s investor presentation?

There are 27 slides here and I want you to go over them. In particular, carefully examine:

Slide #17 (Teladoc’s competitive advantage map)

Slide #21 – the market opportunity

CASE DELIVERABLE: In table form, identify Teladoc’s business model in terms of value proposition, profit model, and resources [note: your table should have only 2 columns unlike mine in the lecture notes because you are not comparing Teladoc to anyone else here].


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